Media Analyst & Customer Relations

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“In seeking truth, you have to get both sides of the story.” — Walter Cronkite

Or in other words, to complete your story, you need to fit together the different pieces of the puzzle as seen from different perspectives. Not just your company’s own view, but it’s also important to engage and secure positive feedback from more objective parties, namely business and technology analysts (whose opinions influence purchasing decisions) as well as your customers (for first-hand user testimonials and experience).

Taken together, you can then tell a credible story to the media, as a highly-effective way to communicate your messages to your customers and prospects.

Sounds easy? In the ideal world, it should be. But in the real world, it takes time, patience, professionalism and experience to develop and nurture relationships with journalists, editors, analysts, customers, partners and others — all of whom have recurring roles in the story of your company.

We help you take care of these VIPs, who are typically on deadline or need special attention. By taking proper care of this delicate ecosystem, the different strands can come together to weave a beautiful story for you.

Public relations

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Other key relations

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