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We understand how public relations, marketing and advertising agencies work, because we’ve been there. That’s why we wanted to be different — to provide real value, to have your best interests firmly in mind — not to upsell you or lock you into an unproductive retainer relationship.

We also understand the gap between academia and business, because we’ve been there too. At Philosophy PR + Marketing, we bridge that gap so you can have the best of both worlds. Our scholars also boast an impressive business track-record, so we know how to apply the highest level of thinking to real-world challenges.

We are fully accountable to our clients and reject the culture of mediocrity so prevalent today. Unlike other agencies, we never delegate work to junior staffers or train them up at your expense, because we have none. We employ only senior industry experts from tier-one organizations.

Uncomplicated by internal reporting relationships, you will receive only honest counsel from us — whether you want it or not. As outsiders, we are far away enough to see the forest in your trees, to give you a different perspective and to be your peripheral vision.

We are committed to the art of intelligent communications. Our professionals hold advanced degrees but don’t work in an ivory tower — we involve you in every step to shape and nurture your ideas into a powerful identity.