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Reading is believing.

That’s why positive media coverage increases sales. Advertising alone isn’t enough to build your reputation or nimble enough in a 24/7 information age to respond to quickly changing conditions and opinions.

Words are the most powerful technology ever invented. The right one is worth a thousand pictures. Think of “love” and “war” — those words can conjure up more emotions and meaning than any one image possibly can. (Sorry, Picasso.)

We help you tell the right story, finding your core message among the clutter. Get the right words, and you will capture the imagination of your audience.

Our communications and writing services include:

Press releases

  • First line of attack with the media
  • Not just the facts; it’s about story-telling

Case studies & collateral

  • Designed to support sales and publicity

Roadshow development

  • Making your presentation work
  • Also the art of story-telling

Other services

  • By-lined articles, speeches, product briefs, more